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Volleyball at Camp
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We Play Volleyball for FUN!

Volleyball at Camp Lohikan

At Camp Lohikan we play volleyball all day long!  And sometimes at night too!  Why?  Cause it's FUN!

Top-notch volleyball instruction is provided by an experienced staff composed of a high school coach and college players.  Instructional classes are grouped by gender and ability.  Our objective is to increase each camper's playing skills and knowledge of the game and also provide opportunities to experience success and build confidence.  But most of all... our objective is to have FUN!

Lohikan's Volleyball Program

  • Instruction in the fundamentals for beginners. Offensive and defensive strategies, skill and techniques for more advanced players.
  • Opportunities for coached team play
  • Beach Volleyball Recreational Games
  • Camp Volleyball Team
  • Instructional scrimmages
  • Participation in camp tournament competitions (intra and inter camp games)
  • Sportsmanship and teamwork
  • How we play is always more important than winning!
Volleyball at Camp Lohikan

First Class Facilities

  • Camp Lohikan provides campers with an excellent sports camp environment. 
  • There is an over-sized sand volleyball court where games and practice sessions are conducted.
  • Sand Volleyball Court is lit at night.  
  • Two gymnasiums are available for indoor play and inclement weather.

Have some FUN!  Play Volleyball at Camp Lohikan this summer!

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