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Flying Trapeze is the Best!

And you can do it every day!

Flying Trapeze at Camp Lohikan

Flying Trapeze is one of the most popular activities in camp! That's no surprise. It's definitely one of the most exciting activities in camp! Image flying through the air 30 feet up in the sky. You're actually flying! There's nothing like it. That's why it's so popular!

And you can do it every day! We have two flying trapeze rigs at Camp Lohikan. One is indoors protected from the elements so we can fly even when it's raining outside. The other rig is located outdoors which is perfect on sunny summer days.

And in the Elective Program you can schedule all of the activities you want - every day. That means you can schedule flying trapeze every day! And if that's not enough, we operate a Flying Trapeze Clinic at night for senior campers and during free-time for intermediates.

And the best news is that our instructors are excellent. They're flying trapeze professionals who come to camp with years of flying trapeze experience. Many of whom have taught at camp for years so they know our campers and program. And the program is phenomenal.

Flying Trapeze at Camp Lohikan

Not only is instruction offered every day, we also schedule public performances too! We operate a Circus and Flying Trapeze Show in July and August and everyone is invited to perform! If you think Flying Trapeze is for you, Camp Lohikan is your camp!