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Survival Clinics

Wilderness Survival Training!

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Survival Program at Camp Lohikan

You're lost in the woods...

Would you know what to do? If you’re cold, how do you stay warm? You’re thirsty. Where is there water? Hungry? Where do you find nourishment? How do you build a fire without a match? Can you build a shelter? What happens if you’re hurt? Do you know first aid? What are the do's and the don’ts regarding signaling for help? How do you find your way out of the woods? Can you navigate by the sun, moon and stars? How do you stay strong???

Survival Camp is a fun way to learn what you need to know. It’s a 3-day program filled with hands-on lessons, survival

Survival Program at Camp Lohikan

games and overnight field trips. The program is operated on Camp Lohikan’s 1200 acres and lead by wilderness specialists. Every activity is operated with safety first in mind. No previous outdoor skills are required and participation is open to campers of all ages. Campers will have lots of fun learning all about…

Food Gathering Techniques - You’ll learn about plants that are edible and plants to stay away from. You’ll even learn a few new ways to catch a fish. You’ll learn how to make snare traps and deadfalls. You’ll learn about tracking, observation and camouflage. You’ll also make a bow and arrow and maybe even an atlatl or rabbit stick. Important Note: Animals are not trapped or injured in the program.

Water Procurement – You’ll learn numerous ways to obtain drinkable water. You’ll help build a solar still to collect water. You’ll also learn about water purification methods. Survival Cooking – You’ll learn all about pit cooking, rock boiling, and spit cooking. You’ll even build a rock oven for baking!

Fire Making – You’ll learn how to make a fire with just one match. You’ll also learn how to make a fire with a bow drill (no match). You’ll even learn how to make a fire with water! Shelter Building – If you’re in the woods a while, you’ll need shelter. You and your teammates will build a shelter, which you’ll actually use!

Wilderness Hygiene – You’ll learn some basic rules to prevent disease and sickness in the wild. Survival Games and Initiatives – Survival games are fun and get you thinking about… survival! They’re also great ways to build a sense of teamwork, which is an important survival skill. Land Navigation – You’ll learn how to use a compass and navigate using a topographical map. Orientating by the sun, moon and stars – When all else fails you can always count on the sun, moon and stars to tell you where you are and where you’re headed. In Survival Camp you’ll learn how to read these celestial guideposts and put them to use.

Survival Signaling – Learning how to be found is an excellent survival skill! In Survival Camp you’ll learn how and when to signal using smoke, mirrors, noise, etc.

Survival Attitude – Once you learn how to survive, you’ll realize that you will survive. Once fear is overcome by confidence, you’ve conquered the first enemy of survival!

First Aid Training – You’ll learn how to handle common first aid problems frequently encountered in the wild. Survival Camp is designed to instill respect for nature and an appreciation for our role in the grand scheme of things. We emphasize the need for minimizing our impact upon the environment and stress the “Leave No Trace” objective.

Adventure is everywhere at Camp Lohikan!

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