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Staff Quotes at Camp Lohikan

Staff Speak

“I’d describe camp as non-stop fun. Every hour of the day is entertaining. There’s never a dull moment. The staff members are amazing and they make the excitement happen. The kids are also amazing and they make it all worthwhile. The friendships I made will last a long, long time.” 
– R.E., Neath, Wales, United Kingdom

“Here at school nobody understands why I miss camp so much. The kids, staff, activities… I even miss reveille! I guess this is what’s called “camp sick” and I’ve got it bad! Every time I think about someone from camp or something that happened at camp a smile comes to my face and it makes me realize just how special the time was. This past summer was by far the best experience I have ever had. I can’t wait to return!”
– A.S., Washington University, Missouri

“Thank you for one the greatest summers of my life. My job as a cabin counselor gave me an unbelievable opportunity to teach kids how to live together and treat each other. In the process it made me realize a lot of things about myself. As a result of my experiences last summer I feel as though I am more understanding, patient, open-minded and more confident in my abilities. A summer at Camp Lohikan was a lot more than I bargained for!" 
– J.D., Florida State University, Florida

“Camp Lohikan was my first sleep-away camp experience and I recommend it highly. Last summer was the best summer of my life! The people are fantastic and the program is lots of fun. Everyone is caring and helpful and really in tune with the kids. It’s a special place where you can let your hair down and be who you are without worrying about rejection or being cool. I wish I went here as a camper!” 
– C.B., Lee University, Tennessee

“This past summer at camp was the best summer of my life. I absolutely loved everything about it.” 
– K.T., Kansas State University, Kansas

“I started camp as a camper and then returned as a junior staff member until last summer when I finally became a full-fledged counselor.  Camp is an awesome experience unlike any other.  Counselors have tremendous influence upon their campers and can affect positive feelings in their campers that last long beyond the camp season.  I know, I was a camper and was fortunate to have some of the best people on earth as counselors.  I’ll never forget them.”
– S.E., University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

“Camp is amazing. I’ve never met so many people I enjoyed as much. The staff worked well together and the kids were terrific. It was the most enjoyable and memorable summer I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to do it again!” 
– K.P., Ithaca College, New York

“This has been my 4th summer at Lohikan and every summer has been a winner! The kids and staff keep coming back which is great because we’ve become one big family. New kids and new staff join the fun every summer and within a few days it’s like they’ve been around forever. Camp is an experience not to be missed!”
– J.N., Halfsowen College, Great Britain

"I’ve been home now for 6 months and I’m still getting emails from my campers. I never realized the effect I would have upon my girls. The kids really do look up to you and really do strive to be just like you. It’s an awesome responsibility. As a counselor in camp you really can make a difference in someone's life. It’s great!" 
– R.W., Fairmont University, West Virginia

“Last summer I was a counselor, a dad, a big brother, a teacher, a referee, a cook, a friend and a role model - all at the same time! Working as a camp counselor was definitely hard work but it’s also the best way you could ever spend a summer. It’s a summer I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Thanks.” 
– A.H., Kutztown University, Pennsylvania

“Camp Lohikan was the BEST summer. Words just can’t explain how much I’ve learned about people, life and myself. I know it was work but it didn’t feel like work. I had a blast! Thanks.” 
– L.R., Alvernia College, Pennsylvania

"This will be my 6th summer at Lohikan! I leave the beautiful island of Hawaii each June-August to return to my summer home in… Lake Como, Pennsylvania! I love it! The kids are great, the staff is great… I even like the food!!! I’ll be back at the lake this summer and I look forward to seeing everyone at the swim test. Don’t worry it’s not that hard!" 
– S.T. (aka Kahuna), University of Hawaii, Hawaii

“It’s hard to believe that this has been my 17th summer at camp! I started as a counselor when I was 19, met my wonderful husband at camp, and now have 3 beautiful children all in camp. Camp Lohikan has become my second home! I can’t imagine not spending the summer in beautiful Lake Como, Pennsylvania with the best kids and staff in the world!” 
– K.S., Columbus, Ohio

“I teach and coach high school football during the school year and enjoy working with kids. But camp is different. Adults and children relate on a personal level at camp that’s best described as “family” and the experience is truly unique. Every summer I look forward to seeing my camp buddies, young and old, once again. I recommend the camp experience highly.“ 
– A.P., Princeton, New Jersey

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