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You are a Spy


  • SPY CAMP IS FREE for first-time campers!
  • SPY ACTIVITIES include: Paintball, Quad Riding, Jet Sking, Zip Line, Decoding, Martial Arts and more!

You are a SPY... and you have a MISSION! But first you need THE TRAINING!

Agents receive training in martial arts, code breaking, surveillance techniques and undercover maneuvers. Then we move on to the ATV 4-wheelers to train our agents in safe evasive driving techniques... which might be necessary if a mission requires a quick getaway!

Additional training on our high and low ropes course prepares our recruits for those harrowing high altitude missions. Then it's over to the water for training in the operation of jet skis!

The final exam for our spies (fifth grade and older) involves a recon and rescue practice mission which includes training in paintball combat tactics. It's high octane FUN!

Spy Camp at Camp Lohikan Spy Camp at Camp Lohikan
Spy Camp at Camp Lohikan Spy Camp at Camp Lohikan
Spy Camp at Camp Lohikan Spy Camp at Camp Lohikan
Spy Camp at Camp Lohikan Spy Camp at Camp Lohikan

Your mission will require you to conduct surveillance, make and break secret codes, uncover important secrets, interrogate persons of interest and hunt for a mole within your ranks! It's a role-play adventure you'll never forget!

Spy Camp teaches physical skills, teamwork and critical thinking within the framework of the exciting field of espionage. Training sessions are organized by age. There is no minimum age requirement except for paintball, which is limited to campers entering fifth grade and older. Spy Camp is operated every two week session.

SPY CAMP is a CLINIC and operates over a period of three days. The morning or afternoon periods for the first two days are dedicated to the Spy Camp Training Sessions. Campers participate in the elective program and choose their activities when the Spy Camp program is not operating. The third day of Spy Camp is dedicated to the operation of the mission.

Spy Camp graduates are recognized with a Spy Camp Intelligence Certification which qualifies them to assist in future training missions. Spy Camp is FUN!

Spy Camp at Camp Lohikan