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It’s an Awesome Skate Park!

Skateboarding - InLine Skating - Scooters - BMX Cycles


Camp Lohikan's Skate Park is more than a great place to skateboard. Inline Skates, Scooters, BMX Cycles, and Skateboards are all welcome at the park!

And the park has everything... It's AWESOME! It's filled with grind rails, sky ramps, half pipes, quarter pipes, wedge ramps, spines, jumps and boxes, benches, curbs and even a picnic table! It's got everything you'll need to keep yourself challenged and your skills sharpened this summer. The skate park is wide open too, so it's also perfect for street skating!

Skate Park at Camp Lohikan

Makes no difference if you're a beginner or highly skilled. Our instructors are specialists with advanced personal skills in the area of their expertise. Skateboarders, inline skaters, scooter riders, and BMX cyclists will receive instruction that is guaranteed to take their skills to the next level.


The X-Games is an event held every two weeks in the Skate Park. Skateboarders, inline skaters, scooter riders, and BMX cyclistsof all abilities and ages are invited to participate in an exhibition that's filled with excitement, music, thrills, spills, and applause! It's FUN!

Skate Park at Camp Lohikan

X-Game participants work with their assigned coach for four days prior to the event, practicing tricks and choreographing a two minute routine. The culmination of that hard work is put on display at the X-Games in front of a highly supportive audience of campers and staff. And the applause you receive after performing is unforgettable!

We recommend that campers who want to participate in the X-Games Show Clinic register for the clinic before camp. The clinic is FREE and the registration form is available by CLICKING HERE.