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Scuba Diving at Camp Lohikan

Scuba Diving is Fun!

Scuba Diving at Camp Lohikan

Ever wonder what’s it’s like to be a fish? Swimming all day underwater without a care in the world? Now’s your chance!

Scuba classes are conducted by professional scuba instructors contracted from Inland Water Sports to operate our scuba clinic every two weeks. Campers participating in the Elective Program (5th grade and older) are welcome to participate. The program is not included in the normal program and is operated for one hour during the camper’s free time period. The extra program fee is $60. The sign-up form is available by CLICKING HERE.

Scuba Diving at Camp Lohikan

Scuba classes are operated in Camp Lohikan’s swimming pool. Campers learn how to use the scuba breathing equipment and how to move and control buoyancy in order to descend, ascend, and hover.

After becoming comfortable with the scuba equipment, we play games like underwater frisbee and torpedo tag to practice scuba skills.

Upon successful completion of the scuba clinic, campers are awarded an Inland Water Sport certificate of achievement. It’s perfect for framing and displaying at home!