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Rock Climbing Program

if you love adventure, want to challenge yourself, while having fun with friends... this is the program for you!


  • Unlimited Rock Climbing Periods in the Elective Program
  • 35’ of Real Rock Climbing on camp grounds
  • 40’ Climbing Tower
  • Certified Staff
  • 1200 Acres for Adventure Activities!
  • 2 Zip Lines
  • 12 Low Ropes Stations
  • 15 High Ropes Stations
  • Better Then a Speciality Camp!

You can schedule as many Adventure Activities you want, and then still do dozens of arts and sports activities like Flying Trapeze, Jet Ski, Tennis, Bungee, Rock Band and more! EVERY DAY!

Rock Band at Camp Lohikan

Rock Climbing is awesome at Camp Lohikan! We have climbs ranging from our beginner climbing wall to our 40’ climbing tower and from simple rock faces to vertical rock faces!

The view from the top is always better! We’ll help you get there safely through step by step instruction and with the highest regard for safety.

Beginners start out on our 20’ climbing wall maze. After getting “the hang of it”, climbers graduate to the 40’ tall climbing tower, which offers 3 different levels of climbing difficulty. Advanced climbers are further challenged by our 35’ tall real rock climbing site - located right on the camp grounds! Nothing’s like real rock!!! A variety of climbing routes and difficulty are available at the site.

Rock Band at Camp Lohikan

The Rock Climbing Program is directed by a senior staff member certified to teach the program and familiar with the camp’s facilities. A staff of 6 college-enrolled and appropriately certified staff members provide beginner through advanced level instruction.

Safety is paramount. A helmet and harness are required to be worn on every climbing element and outdoor adventure element over 2.5 feet.

Every participant receives instruction and a thorough review of safety protocols before climbing. In addition to learning the fundamentals, campers also learn proper knot tying, rope care, belaying, rappelling and top rope climbing techniques.Young or old, Lohikan’s Rock Climbing Program is designed to provide a fun and challenging introduction to the sport of climbing for every age group.