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Mountain Boarding at Camp Lohikan

Let’s go Mt. Boarding!


Mountain Boarding is Cool!

It’s summer’s answer to snowboarding and a hair-raising, off-road alternative to skateboarding!

Camp Lohikan’s new MBS mountain boards sport these cool chunky tires which can handle any terrain and every mountain board comes with a brake… which you’ll definitely need!

Once you get the hang of it you’ll be riding some of the best trails available. How many camps can offer 2 mountains with 10 trails? We do!

Camp Lohikan’s previous winter operation, the Mount Tone Ski Area, utilized our 2 mountains and 10 trails for downhill skiing. Now, we use them for summer mountain boarding.

We start our lessons on the bunny hill… It’s a 200 foot drop over 600 yards! Perfect for beginners!!!

Once you get the hang of it you’ll be riding down the mountain and performing tricks that will impress even our wildlife… And that’s really wild!

Campers entering the 6th grade and older can schedule as much time at the mountain boarding activity as they want. Hey, it's an elective program! And don't forget, mountain boarding is only 1 of the 65+ activities kids enjoy everyday at... Camp Lohikan!