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Medical Care at Camp Lohikan

Camp Medical Care

Camp Lohikan’s health center is staffed with 5-7 registered nurses, a camp doctor, and a health service manager. The health center includes an examination room, male and female dorm rooms, and living quarters for all of our medical staff. The health center is insulated, heated and air conditioned for the comfort of our campers. Emergency ambulance service is located less than 4 miles from the camp and we are within 30 minutes of the Wayne Memorial Hospital, a 24-hour fully-equipped hospital where a wide variety of specialists are available. We also have a dentist on call during the summer for our campers.

Medical Care at Camp Lohikan

Medical Care at Camp Lohikan

The health center is open 24 hours a day. While sick calls are held after every meal, campers who are ill are treated at the health center 24 hours a day. All medications are stored in the health center. Daily medications are logged into a medical database from which daily medication lists are prepared. Medications are distributed and documented by one of our medical staff members.

Parents are notified by a member of the medical staff if their child has been seen by the camp doctor, kept in the health center overnight, placed on prescription medicine, or taken for medical care out-of-camp. You can rest assured that our medical staff will keep you informed regarding the health of your child.

Medical Care at Camp Lohikan


Campers are supervised daily for proper grooming and cleanliness by their cabin counselors and their division directors. Campers are required to take a daily shower and brush their teeth twice a day. Periodic wellness assessments are made by the infirmary staff to confirm good health. On sunny days campers are checked for the application of sunscreen. Sunscreen stations are located throughout camp.