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Refund Guarantee at Camp Lohikan

Tuition Refund Guarantee

Tuition Refund Guarantee at Camp Lohikan

Parents are sometimes apprehensive about sending their child to sleep-away camp for the first time. Will my child have fun? Will he or she adjust to being away from home? What happens if my child wants to come home???

At Camp Lohikan we pride ourselves on the quality of our camp operation. We are also very proud of our 67 year record of success with first-time campers.

First-time campers are a special group of children. This is their first sleep-away camp experience and, for many, it's their first time away from Mom and Dad. Most of these children will

Tuition Refund Guarantee at Camp Lohikan

readily make the adjustment to camp life. Others require special attention.

To the parents of children who attend Camp Lohikan, it's a comfort to know that we stand ready to work with these children one on one in order to ensure that their summer camp experience is a success.

Who works with our campers? The key staff members at Lohikan are our Senior Staff. These individuals are teachers, child care professionals, and members of our year-round camp staff. Most of these individuals have at least 5 years experience working in camp. Many of them have children attending camp.

Division directors supervise cabin groups and work with their campers on a daily basis. They are available for parent consultations every day.

Tuition Refund Guarantee at Camp Lohikan

The staff members who live in the cabin and have the most contact with the campers are our counselors. Most of our counselors are returning staff members. These are individuals who have proven their value as positive role models and are held in high regard by the campers and staff.

New counselors are primarily recruited from universities across the United States. We search for individuals with counseling experience and individuals who understand that everyone, campers and staff, must be treated with kindness and respect.

The success of the summer camp experience is directly related to the quality of its camp staff. The camp staff brings the camp's philosophy, program and spirit to LIFE!

Tuition Refund Guarantee at Camp Lohikan

At Camp Lohikan campers and staff are surrounded by 65+ FUN daily activities with a different entertaining evening every night of the summer. In such an atmosphere, first-timers are put at ease and occupied in exciting activities while relationships are built and memories are formed. A program of FUN is the reason for our 64 years of camping success!

We are so confident that our summer camp experience will be a positive, memorable experience that we'll guarantee it. If for any reason a first-time camper decides that camp is not for him or her and returns home, we’ll refund the camp tuition for the days the camper leaves early. We know of no other camp that offers the same!