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65+ DAILY ACTIVITIES at Camp Lohikan!

The Elective Program

Campers make their first week's selection of activity choices at home. The first week's list of activity selections is entered into our program computer, which produces a daily activity card for each camper. The computer also produces attendance rosters for every activity, every period. During the first week the original activity selection form is returned to the camper to update for the second week.

  • Campers entering sixth grade and older participate in Lohikan’s “100% FREE CHOICE” Elective Program.
  • Campers entering the fourth grade follow a cabin schedule with counselor supervision.
  • Campers entering the fifth grade are known as Super Juniors and they have the option of participating in the elective program or remaining in the cabin group program.

In addition to making weekly selections campers are given the option of changing their activities on a daily basis. This is done after breakfast every morning and allows campers to take advantage of weather changes, scheduling activities with friends, and adjusting schedules for special programs like inter-camp games.

  • Parents can control what activities must be attended.
  • Parents can also control the activities that are prohibited.
  • Campers can schedule as much time at the activity as he or she wants.
  • Campers are guaranteed to get the activities they want.
  • Campers can change their activities on a daily basis.
  • Campers can major (concentrate) in activities or activity areas of their choice!
  • Campers can schedule daily activities with friends! You’ll make new friends who share the same interests!
  • More than 65 Arts, Sports, and Adventure activities are offered every day!
  • It's individualized scheduling at its best!!

Campers Entering The 4th Grade And Younger

Campers entering the fourth grade and younger are Junior Campers and travel together as a cabin group under the supervision of their cabin counselors. While they follow a cabin-structured program and are always under the supervision of their cabin counselors, they are given activity choices at certain activity sites. Whenever the cabin group is scheduled lake activities, creative arts, field sports or performing arts, they have the choice of participating in any of the activities operated at the site. Click here for more details.

Campers Entering The 5th Grade

Campers entering the fifth grade are members of the junior division, however these campers are known as “super juniors” and given special status in camp. Super juniors start their summer participating in the standard cabin-structured junior program format. After spending their first week in the junior program, fifth graders who have parental permission, are permitted to join the elective program. Spending the first week traveling to activities as a cabin group with their counselors gives these campers enough time to properly acclimatize to camp and manage the individualized aspect of the elective program.