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COVID-19 PROCEDURES for 2021 - Click here.
Camp Lohikan Summer 2020


Expertise does make a difference… and we made it last year without one transmission of the Covid-19 virus! This year we’ve adjusted our protocols to reflect the current state of affairs. Please keep in mind that the information surrounding Covid-19 is still evolving and the protocols detailed below may be updated before the summer.

Last summer we were able to operate Covid-Free because of the partnership that was forged between our camp families and the camp, which concentrated on measures designed to create a virus-free camp bubble.

Key to this accomplishment was implementing the 14-Day Quarantine Period, which the CDC identified as the surest way to make an asymptomatic or mild case of Covid non-contagious.

This 14-Day Quarantine Period was mandated last year during a time period when schools and most businesses were not operating and quarantining was a more manageable requirement. Now, many schools are “in-person” and most businesses are in operation. Quarantining, as we defined it last year, is more difficult now and, if we liberalize our quarantining guidelines to reflect today’s state of affairs, the risk of the virus penetrating our camp bubble will increase, unless additional mitigation efforts are implemented.

The only way to address these additional risks is MORE TESTING. To supplement the PCR test taken at home 72 hours before arrival, we have scheduled a second PCR test on the day of arrival, and a third PCR test 5 days after arrival.


While strict quarantining for 14 days prior to camp is best, we have relaxed the standard and are now requiring a thoughtful 14-Day COVID RISK REDUCTION Period before the camper’s arrival in camp. For more guidance on risk reduction click here.

In addition to implementing a 14-Day Covid Risk Reduction Program and taking a PCR Covid test within 72 hours of arrival in camp, we’ll be checking temperatures and conducting a health screening on the camper’s arrival. Thereafter, all camp residents will have their temperature documented and Covid symptoms checked on a daily basis. Additional virus testing will be conducted throughout the summer.


Masks are an important layer of protection that prevents the transmission of the Covid virus. Masks help to prevent the number one way the Covid virus is transmitted – aerosolized microbes. Consequently, masks are required to be worn all times except when:

  1. Masks help to prevent the number one way the Covid virus is transmitted – aerosolized microbes.  Consequently, they will be used whenever it is practical.
  2. Masks will not be required to be worn while in the cabin. Members of the cabin are considered a “household” and masks will not be worn when eating as a cabin group, sleeping at night, or participating in a cabin activity.
  3. Masks will not be required when swimming or engaged in aquatic activities.
  4. All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear a mask when indoors, except where noted.  Most activities will be operated outdoors this summer.
  5. Non-vaccinated individuals will be required to wear a mask outdoors whenever 6 feet of distancing is not maintained. Vaccinated individuals will not be required to wear a mask when outdoors unless in a crowded area where there is close contact with unvaccinated individuals (e.g., flagpole assemblies, campfire evening activities, etc.).  The reason why we’re taking this mask-precaution is to reduce the possibility “breakthrough” infections and also reduce the transmission of other illnesses which present symptoms similar to Covid-19.


Additional mitigation strategies in operation this summer are detailed in Camp Lohikan’s Covid-19 Management Plan.

Basic principles guiding this summer’s program include: (1) more activities scheduled in the outdoors, (2) more masked and distanced activities whenever possible and (3) more ventilation and reduced overall capacity. In addition to these efforts, we are strongly recommending the vaccination of all employees and those campers who become eligible for vaccination.


If your child develops symptoms of Covid-19 at camp, the camper will be isolated and tested. If the camper tests positive, they will be moved to our dedicated facility and the parents will be contacted to arrange for pick-up. The camper will remain isolated, with any other infected campers, under the care of our medical staff until pick-up. Parents have agreed to pick up their child in the case of a positive test result within 24 hours. Please make sure that you or someone else is available to do this while your camper is at camp.

If your child is positive and returns home, they will most likely be able to return to camp after 10 days, provided they have no fever and their symptoms are improving.

If your child is exposed to Covid-19 at camp, their group will be quarantined for up to 14 days, monitored for symptoms, and tested. They will be provided a cabin-structured program to follow until released from quarantine.

If a parent or someone else in the household (or another close contact) contracts Covid-19, we ask that you contact the camp, and have your child stay home and quarantine for up to 14 days.

If your camper has certain medical conditions that are considered high risk, please make sure you consult with your physician. We want to make sure we are setting all our campers up for success this summer. View the list of medical conditions deemed a higher risk by the CDC listed at


If a camper goes home because of Covid-19, the camp’s refund policy provides for a pro-rata refund of the tuition in the form of a tuition credit which can be used for a later enrollment in this summer’s season or an enrollment during the 2022 season.


Campers will be cohorted by cabin until the results from the Arrival Day PCR Test are received. After those test results are received, the individualized elective program will begin and intermediate and senior campers will be cohorted by division and gender. Masks will be required to be worn when indoors and whenever 6 feet of distancing is not possible, unless operating within the “household-cabin group” cohort.

To create and maintain a virus-free camp environment, ingress and egress from camp has been restricted. The following program changes have been implemented:

  • Visiting Day and camp tours have been cancelled
  • No intercamp games
  • No trips out of camp
  • Staff members who are unvaccinated will be required to be spent their time-off periods on campgrounds. Vaccinated staff members will be allowed off-camp to designated destinations on their time-off periods. The implementation of mask and distancing protocols will be required.
  • Bus transportation is not available. Everyone will be required to drive to camp.
  • In addition to ingress and egress restrictions, certain activities have been suspended from the daily program because of Covid transmission concerns. The cooking, fencing and wrestling activities will not be offered this summer.



The information surrounding Covid-19 is constantly changing and evolving. Low community spread, vaccinations, restricting behavior for the 14 days preceding camp, PCR testing at home and at camp, physical distancing, cohorting, cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and proper hygiene are all layers of protection that will be in use this summer. However, changes in emerging data may warrant updating our plan. We will continue to stay up-to-date on best practices and ask you to understand that as the information around this pandemic changes and evolves, so too will our procedures. We will keep our families apprised by email of any changes made.

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