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Camp Lohikan Summer 2020



Last summer Camp Lohikan operated 9 weeks safely in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Most summer camps did not operate.  All of our campers and staff members returned home in a healthy condition after their session ended.  No Covid-19 was contracted in camp.

While it’s still unclear as to what conditions will exist in June, the fact that we operated safely last summer (when vaccines were not available), we’re confident that we can do it again in 2021.

Summer 2020 was historic. We created a virus-free bubble around camp and operated the entire summer with no Covid-19. Now, we’re gearing up for summer ‘21 and preparing to address the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with the same policies and procedures that were successfully implemented last summer. However, a lot can happen between now and then, so policies/procedures will be adjusted as the condition of public health, vaccine availability, and therapeutic measures change. Rest assured, we are prepared to beat this virus in ’21, just like we did in ’20. Providing a great camp experience, in a safe camp environment, where children will grow and develop in positive ways, has been our camp mission since 1957. Our goal is to continue this tradition for another 65 summers!


  • Last summer, only individuals who provided proof of a negative PCR Covid-19 test result and submitted a pre-camp health screening form, which documented good health and a 14-day quarantine period, were permitted entry into camp. Temperature checks were also conducted.
  • All visitation, tours, outside entertainment, and off-camp trips were cancelled. Coach bus transportation and airport pickups were suspended. All campers were required to be driven to camp.
  • Camp was operated in a “lockdown” mode in terms of staff nights and days-off. We maintained a "Camp Bubble".
  • During the summer, every camper and staff member had their temperature taken and health condition checked twice a day. Our health center was staffed by our camp doctor and team of registered nurses every day. Most of these medical staff members will be returning this summer.
  • Increased hygienic procedures and more intense disinfection and sanitization measures were implemented. A cleaning crew disinfected touch points and bunks every day. The dining hall was sanitized after each meal. Cross contamination points were eliminated. We did not reuse any cups or utensils and kitchen staff members dispensed all food items. We staggered dining hall service and ate outdoors whenever possible.
  • Campers and staff were reminded to wash their hands throughout the day and sanitize their hands before every meal. Hand sanitizers were located in every cabin at every table in the dining hall, and throughout camp.
  • Face masks were mandatory except when campers were inside their cabins, eating with their cabin group, participating in aquatic activities, or engaged in certain sports activities (e.g., basketball, soccer, and lacrosse). Social distancing was implemented when practical. Cohorts were used when feasible.
  • Activities were operated outdoors as much as possible. Certain activities were amended as necessary to ensure they adhered to safety standards. One activity was not operated last summer - cooking.
  • The actions taken in 2020 to create and maintain the virus-free camp “bubble” will be implemented in 2021, as deemed necessary.
  • We are not counting on the availability of a vaccine to open camp this summer. We feel confident that our success in operating camp virus-free last summer will better prepare us for doing the same this summer.
  • This is just the beginning of our Summer 2021 Health Plan, which is designed to keep children and staff safe at camp this summer. More will be added as information becomes available. We will stay well-informed and updated and will share updates with you. We hope, as a nation, conditions improve and the Covid-19 virus is better managed come this Spring. Regardless, we are prepared to operate a safe and fun camp experience at Camp Lohikan. This summer will be our 65th year in operation!
  • Camp Lohikan’s final Covid-19 Policies & Procedures will be published in March/April 2021.

CLICK HERE for a report on Summer 2020 and our handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.






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