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This special offer expired April 30, 2024


Clinics are a great way to improve skills in a short period of time. Each of our clinics are offered numerous times throughout the summer. Certain clinics are concentrated instructional sessions designed to improve skills by focusing the camper's attention and energy for 2-3 hours a day over a 3-4 day period. These clinics include: the Advanced Tennis Clinic, Horse Care Clinic, High-Five Basketball Clinic, Sailing Clinic, and more!

Other clinics focus on the performance aspect of an activity offered in the daily program. Participants receive special instruction and training in preparation for an exhibition or performance which is scheduled for all-camp or public viewing. These clinics include: the X-Games Skateboarding Clinic, the Circus Show Clinic, the Hip Hop Clinic,and the Rock Band Concert Clinic.

Lastly, there are clinics that feature instruction and experiences not offered in the daily program. These clinics include: Axe Throwing Clinic for Seniors, Geocaching, and the DJ Clinic. No matter which clinic you choose, you're guaranteed to have FUN!

To select your FREE Clinic using this form check off the box alongside the ONE clinic of your choice along with the requested information, and press the "Submit" button. The Spring Free Clinic Registration Form expired April 30, 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: Because clinics are attended on an individual basis, clinics are limited to campers participating in the elective program. They are not scheduled by cabin. Clinics are available to inters and seniors and those super juniors (campers entering the 5th grade) who opt out of the cabin-structured program. Clinics typically operate during the program day and will supercede the other elective activities that appear on the camper’s activity card that conflict with the clinic.