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Canoeing at Camp
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Canoeing Is Fun

and you can do it every day!


If you love to canoe,

you have found the perfect camp! We instruct canoeing at all levels. We also take canoe trips on the Delaware River twice a week. Participants in the elective program can schedule as much conoeing as they want. Our 40 acre lake is private so there’s no interference in the operation of our program. No one else uses our lake but our campers and staff.

All of our instructors are certified. Last summer we had more than 30 lifeguards working at the lake. It’s a popular program. Skill levels are recognized in canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and jet skiing and awards are presented on a weekly basis.


The best part of Camp Lohikan’s 100% FREE CHOICE PROGRAM is that you can select all of your activities every day - ALL DAY. If you want to do canoeing for a period or two, you can do it. In fact, you can do it all day if you want. But the best part of the elective program is that when you’re done with canoeing, you can choose to do any of our other 65 arts, sports, and adventure activities. You can do canoeing in the morning and then do horseback riding, tennis, flying trapeze, and water skiing the rest for the day. The choices are almost endless! It’s the ideal summer camp program.

Canoeing at Camp Lohikan