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Evening Activities & Special Events!


  • A Different Evening Activity Every Night Of The Summer!
  • The Evening Activity Is The Highlight Of Each Day!
  • Special Events Scheduled Every Week!

The Daily Activity Program featuring 65+ activities is a lot of FUN, but the highlight of each day has got to be our Evening Activities! Whether it be the Super Stars Competition, Roman Toga Social, Mad Mike's Mimic Mania, Lohikan Idol, or Sadie Hawkins Night, this is the time when the entire camp comes together and camper enthusiasm and spirit peaks. Check out our tentative Summer '24 Schedule below.

Evening activities are GREAT FUN!

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

June 30 - Camp opens. Let the FUN begin! The Welcome Campfire is the first evening activity! Singing, stories, improv, jokes, and the Handclap Competition makes for a great night!

July 1 - Counselor Staff Show. This show's always a winner! Horseback Overnights begin. “Monday” Sundaes! Ice Cream Party after lunch for all! We love ice cream! Intercamp Games begin. Rock Band Concert Clinic #1 starts.

July 2 - Night of the Classics. Gladiator Lunch. Weekly Delaware River Canoe Trips begin. Dee Jay Clinic starts. Survival Camp & Spy Camp #1 begin. Rock Band Camp-a-Palooza Clinic begins.

July 3 - Night at the Races. Surfer Dude Lunch. Big Kahuna Beach Party and Barbecue for Seniors. Juniors and Inters Barbecue on Zegers Plaza!

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

July 4 - Fourth of July Fireworks. Balloon Stampede. Lohikan’s Doo Dah Parade. Lunch on the "Green" with music! The Hip Hop Clinic begins.

July 5 - Staff Roundup Escapade and Campfire! Chris Schultz's Great Camp Duck Race! Beach Volleyball Tournament begins. Big Hair for Breakfast. The Water Carnival Special Event. Horse Care Clinic begins. Culinary Arts Clinic begins. French Friday!

July 6 - Beach Boy Pool Party for Juniors and Inters with refreshments and contests. TV Game Show Night with prizes for seniors! Mexican Fiesta Lunch with the Sombrero Raffle, Ole’! I love the music!

July 7 - Apache Relay Special Event. The Lohikan Auction for inters and juniors ... You won a What?! You'll get lots of cabin points! Caribbean Pool Party for Seniors. Let's limbo! Fun games and food! Caribbean Lunch. Crazy Hat Dinner. Delaware River Rafting Trip. Rolling Log Competition at the lake.

July 8 - The Roman Toga Social with refreshments. Dance Contest. Every contestant wins a prize! Advanced Tennis Clinic begins. Cheer Clinic starts. High-5 Basketball and Globetrotter Clinic starts. Elvis Dinner – “Love Me Chicken Tenders”. Sunday Sundaes. Canada Day!

July 9 - “So You Think You Can Dance” Competition and Karaoke Challenge Night. Comedian's Lunch. Tell a joke. Wear a mustache. Win a prize! Italian Dinner Night. The Hip Hop Show and Cheer Exhibition. Scuba Clinic. Paintball Camp begins. X-Games Skate Clinic starts. Horse Show #1. Everyone wins a ribbon! Tarzan Swing Competition at the lake. Marathon Race #1.

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

July 10 - Rock Hunt Evening Activity for Inters and Juniors. Rock & Roll Pool Party for Seniors. Sunglasses for breakfast. Optional Dorney Park Trip for Inters and Seniors.

July 11 - Camp-A-Palooza Concert! -Game Show Night for Juniors. Horse Show.

Evening Activities at Camp LohikanJuly 12 - July High-5 Circus Show and Flying Trapeze Exhibition. The Mad Mike’s Mimic Mania Night... The ultimate karaoke competition! Frecnh Friday.

July 13 - Wild Water War. Watch out for flying balloons! Hawaiian Pool Party for Juniors and Inters. Can't wait for the Hula Hoop Contest! Senior Camper Super Movie Night with popcorn and refreshments. French Friday with Fries!

July 14 - Acoustic Campfire. Spotlights camper musicians! Lucky Lotto dinner... Great prizes! High-5 Circus Clinic begins. Sunday Sundaes!

July 15 - The HUGE Camper-Cabin Sing Championships with videos. Camp Art Gallery Show. Tie Dye Shirt Day! Advanced Tennis Clinic begins. Marathon Race #2.

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

July 16 - Las Vegas Night. Check out the floor show! The Feast of Lohikan. Paintball Camp and “Splat” Games begin. Spy Camp & and Survival Camp programs begin second session.

July 17 - 1980’s Disco Night. Karaoke Lunch. Golf Trip. Horse Care Clinic #2 begins. Dee Jay Clinic starts. Delaware River Canoe Trip

July 18 - Summer Olympics Festival! Two days of games and pure FUN! French Friday!

July 19 - The Festival continues. The Big Olympic Closing Ceremonies and Celebration. I love the costumes, songs, and spirit! French Friday.

July 20 - Sadie Hawkins Night. Boys, you better run tonight! Golf Trip. Delaware River Canoe Trip.

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

July 21 - Sadie Hawkins Social. This is my favorite social! July Tennis Tournament. Trophies awarded! Rock, Mustard & Roll Lunch. Plaids & Stripes Day. Sunday Sundaes.

July 22 - Bragging Rites Special Event. Campfire Evening Activity with our camp house band! Let’s sing Wallerville Road! Water Ski Exhibition.

July 23 - July Dance Recital. Britney’s Hip Hop Street Funk Dance Show. Afternoon Paint Party for Seniors. It's better than tie dye! Camper-Counselor Day. Earnest’s Cupcake Wars!

July 24 - X-Games Competition. Rock Band Concert! What a show! And every seat is great! Fishing Derby at the lake. Deja Vu Day.

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

July 25 - July Drama Production at the Lakeview Amphitheatre. What a show! And every seat is great! Fishing Derby at the lake. Deja Vu Day.

July 26 - July Awards Banquet. Midsummer's Night Prom. French Friday!

July 27 - Super Bowl Dinner and "Lohflix" Movie Night! Enjoy the popcorn.

July 28 - The Second Half-Session Begins! Welcome Campfire!

July 29 - The Mtv Night Cabin Challenges Evening Activity. Cowboy Lunch with Monday Sundaes! Second-Half Intramurals begin. Rock Band Peformance Clinic begins! Dee Jay Clinic #3 begins.

July 30 - Cabin Capers Night. Lucky Lotto Lunch. Mexican Dinner Fiesta. Cheerleading Clinic #3 begins. Survival Camp #3 starts. Spy Camp #3 begins.

July 31 - The Camp Carnival Special Event! Night of the Super Starz is the evening activity. All Star Lunch.

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

August 1 - Sammi Hawkins Night. Girls you better get ready to run! Senior Beach Party & Lake Barbeque Dinner. Big Bubba's Boating Regatta Special Event. Backwards Day. Paintball Camp #3 begins. Delaware Canoe Trip.

August 2 - Sammi Hawkins Social. I love this social! Jet Ski Exhibition at the lake. Prizes galore! Mustache for lunch. Marathon #3! Golf Trip. Yellow Submarine Lunch. Scuba Clinic today. Advanced Tennis Clinic #3 begins. French Friday!

August 3- Campfire with the Sounds of Lohikan Event. Junior Breakfast in bed. Hello, room service? Camp Carnival Special Event. College Bowl Night. Hawaiian Dinner. Culinary Arts Clinic begins. Hip Hop Clinic starts today. Horse Care Clinic begins. Survival Camp begins.

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

August 4 - Scavenger Hunt for Juniors and Inters... Prizes Galore! Gladiator Competitions for Seniors. Culinary Arts Clinic begins. X-Games Skate Clinic begins. High-5 Basketball Clinic starts. Backwards Day! Sunday Sundaes... Sibling Ice Cream Party!

August 5 - Atlantic City Night. See ya at Taj Lohikan! ...The only casino where you never lose! Bonzo's Big Bash with the Dunk Tank for Seniors. Living La Vida Loca! Optional Senior Camper Wayne County Fair Trip.

August 6 - Lip Sync Evening Activity for Juniors and Inters. Senior Camper “Let's Make a Deal” night with green slime, water balloons, whipped cream, wacky challenges, and huge prizes! Mardi Gras lunch.

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

August 7 - 1960’s Hippie Social featuring camper dee jays! Prizes for the best costumes.The August Camp-A-Palooza Rock Concert! Cheesy Lunch. High-5 Basketball Clinic begins. Canoe trip on the Delaware River. Skate Clinic #3 starts. Gymnastics & Cheerleading Exhibition.

August 8 - August Horse Show. Everyone wins a ribbon! August High-5 Circus Show and Flying Trapeze Extravaganza! Check out the fire eaters! August Water War!

August 9 - August High-5 Circus Show and Flying Trapeze Extravaganza! Check out the fire eaters! August Water War! French Friday!

August 10 - “Whose Line Is It Anyway” Improv Evening Activity. Caesar's Dinner. Star Searching in Lake Como! Blues Lunch! Gnomefest begins!

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

August 11 - Hootenanny Campfire. What's a hootenanny? The Big Raffle and Trivia contest.

August 12 - Dee Jay EZ Ernest’s August Dance Party Night with refreshments. Lohikan Idol Event! Spy Camp #4 begins. Advanced Tennis Clinic #4 begins. Horse Care Clinic #4 starts. Monday Sundaes!

August 13 - Bunk Skit Night. Dicey Dinner. Scuba Clinic today. Golf Trip. Survival Camp begins. Hip Hop Clinic #4 begins. Rock Band Clinic begins today. Dee Jay Clinic starts today.

August 14 - BIG SING Night... This is the best popular song sing-along! Marthaton #4.

August 15 - Ryan's Let's Make A Deal Game Show. It’s a game show with counselor challenges and great laughs! The Gold Rush for Junior and Inter Campers. August Art Gallery Show. Bingo Dinner. Lucky Lotto Lunch. Canoe trip. Paintball Camp starts. High 5 Basketball begins.

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

August 16 - Atlantic City Night... Camp Lohikan’s Sports Center becomes a casino! Beethoven Breakfast. Culinary Arts Clinic begins. X-Games Skate Clinic starts. French Friday!

August 17 - August Dance Recital and Hip Hop Fest Show. Inter/Jr Beach Party and BBQ! Big Brother/Big Sister Awards. Italian Dinner Fiesta. Senior Breakfast in bed.

August 18 - Campfire Evening Activity. The performances are always awesome! August Camper Counselor Day. Sunday Sundaes!

Evening Activities at Camp Lohikan

August 19 - Double Dare Game Show for Juniors and Inters. ESPN Sports Night Challenge for Seniors. Paint Party #4 for seniors. Sunday Sundaes - Ice Cream Jubilee for all!

August 20 - August Drama Production. Two thumbs up! Tony's Annual Fishing Contest. Inter breakfast in bed. Rappers' Lunch. Broadway Dinner. The Iron Chef Competition.

August 21 - Chief Lohikan Ceremony. Brave Passage Awards for all! You’ll never forget this evening activity! The Polka-Dog Lunch (Hot Dogs & Polkas!) and Beach Boy Dinner. Canoe Trip on the Delaware River.

August 22 - August Awards Banquet and Prom. Crowning of the Camper King and Queen! Don't forget your dancin' shoes!!! Extended curfew for all!

August 23 - Burning of the "L" Closing Ceremonies. Bunk Wishes. Fireworks! Let's sing “Wallerville Road” one last time! August Afternoon Rockband concert at the Skate Park. French Friday!

August 24 - The 2024 Camp Season ends but the FUN continues with Lohikan’s One-Week (August 24-30) Mini-Camp!