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Camper Cabins

Cabins at Camp Lohikan

At Camp Lohikan campers live in cabins with other campers entering the same grade and attending camp for the same session. There is a girls’ side and boys’ side in camp. Counselors live in the cabin with their campers. Two to three counselors are assigned to each cabin and one is always present when campers are in the cabin. At curfew one of the cabin counselors returns to the cabin with the campers and remains with the campers the entire night. Staff members have a 12:30am curfew at which time all counselors have returned to their cabins.

Cabins are wooden structures of various sizes and designs. Cabins for our young campers (9 and younger) accommodate 6 to 9 campers. Cabins for our fifth through 7th graders (10 - 12 years old) house 9 - 12 campers. Senior cabins (13-15 years old) accommodate 10 to 16 campers. All cabins are modern and well-maintained. Each cabin has its own bathroom which includes 2 to 4 individual stall showers, 2 to 4 private toilets, and 2 to 4 sinks and is supplied with ample hot and cold water.

Cabins are equipped with lights, electrical outlets, windows with screens, doors, fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, a sheltered porch with lights, and a walkway.

Cabins at Camp Lohikan

The majority of the beds in most cabins are single beds. Double-decked beds are kept to a minimum. Campers are provided a “cubbie” dresser for personal belongings and share an open closet area which is used to hang up clothes. Many cabins are two story structures with private rooms located on the second floor which are occupied by members of the camp’s senior staff. This arrangement provides mature supervison during the day and night. Other senior staff accommodations are located near camper cabin groups for the same reason. Camp Lohikan’s senior staff is composed of 60 adults, many of whom are certified teachers or child care professionals with children attending camp.