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Thanks to everyone who participated... Campers, Staffers, Parents, and Alumni.

This was a wild tourney with lots of upsets and some very close games. Our overall winner was our Creative Arts Director, Lindsay Wagner, who actually picked Kansas to win it all! Congrats. Hmm, wonder if the Arts Center will be decorated with lots of Jayhawk images and lots of "Kansas Blue" tempera paint?

Our top 5 placers win Wallerville Road Baseball caps awarded at camp.

In our "Can You Beat Mark Buynak" Challenge, the top 6 placers will win a Canteen Card Prize at camp. Mark did well and placed 7th, could have won it all if Duke had won on Saturday.

Our top 20 standings...

(1) Lindsay Wagner
(2) John Newhall
(3) Corey Staples
(4) Max Rabinowitz
(5) Jimmy Barter
(6) Andrew Beck
(7) Mark Buynak
(8) Hannah Klimm
(9) Kyle Barter
(10) Danny Kleilman
(11) Alvin Abston
(12) CJ Knoor
(13) Jimmy Barter
(14) Dafna Jakubiak
(15) Amanda Guzy
(16) Ryan Lemberger
(17) Shane Malicky
(18) Shawn Niederhoffer
(19) Tina Barter
(20) Wesely Barter