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Aquatic Adventure

Get Ready for Great Summer Camp Aquatic Adventures!

  • Delaware River Canoe Trips
  • Kayaking & Canoeing
  • Lake Adventures with 50+ Boats
  • Wilderness Excursions
  • Jet Skiing
  • Fishing
  • Lake Adventures with 50+ Boats

You’re about to embark on the most exciting adventure! …SUMMER CAMP!!!

You’ll share the excitement of catching a chute with 2 of your buddies in a canoe on the Delaware River.  You can also brave the Delaware and take a white water roller coaster ride in a 5 passenger rubber raft if you like!  Either way you’ll learn the fundamentals of hanging on and steering!  It’s an adventure!

Back at camp an expedition on Lake Lohikan is another type of adventure!  You can kayak, canoe, sail, or windsurf your way around the lake while you investigate aquatic life on and under the water!

And not every aquatic adventure is in a boat.  Check out the Tarzan Swing and fly like a monkey!   Adventures are only limited by your imagination!  There’s also the iceberg, jet skiing and even fishing for the big catch!  It’s all fun!

Skill Training

Canoeing and Kayaking skill training begins on our lake, where we work on safety and basic strokes.  We teach tandem and solo canoeing skills, utilizing a flat-water gates course right at camp.  In kayaking and rafting, we begin with teaching safety, basic strokes, and beginning freestyle skills.

We're fortunate to be located on a private lake and only 13 miles from the Delaware River.  We take at least 2 trips a week to the Delaware River to operate our canoe trips.  Sometimes we're gone just a day… but often we'll schedule an overnight, whether it's canoe camping on the wild and scenic Delaware River, or base camping at Lake Lohikan.  When we're out on the water, we develop a wide variety of skills, including technical river running, play boating, self and assisted rescue techniques, minimum impact camping skills, and of course, leadership and judgment.  There is adventure for every age group!

Aquatic adventures at camp are just the beginning!  Other Adventure Programs include Survival Camp, Rock-Climbing, Backpacking Trips, Hiking, Mountain Biking, High & Low Ropes, and Horseback Riding.  There is no age requirement for any activity or trip.  Each camper progresses at his own rate, participating in the activities that he or she finds most stimulating.  Lohikan features individualized scheduling for each camper.  YOU pick the activities you want to do!

Our goals are fun, adventure, and personal growth.  We strive to build self-esteem while teaching community living skills, respect for the environment, and a love for the outdoors. We work hard on developing cooperation.

Experienced staff lead and teach each of our activities.  Activities are designed to accommodate both the beginner and the advanced camper, so everyone progresses at their own pace.  Most adventure activity trips are scheduled and posted at least a week in advance.  Campers sign up for Canoe Trips and Backpacking Trips during the course of the summer.  These activities are included in the camp tuition for as many times as the camper desires, and do not require pre-registration.  Survival Camp and Rafting Trips are limited in enrollment, require an extra program fee and campers must register before the summer begins to participate.  Sign-up forms are available by clicking here.

Click here for our Aquatics Program Flyers.