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Adventure Program

If you LOVE ADVENTURE, want to CHALLENGE yourself, and want to have FUN with FRIENDS... This is the program for you!

The Adventure Program at Camp Lohikan is the BEST! We have 1200 acres of adventure waiting for you! In the elective program, you can schedule adventure activities all day if you want! And we have a lot of exciting adventure activities waiting for you to discover at camp.


Complete Adventure Program

You’ll never get bored in the Adventure Program and you‘ll learn a lot too! It’s a great way to build self-confidence and have lots of FUN in the process!

Each Adventure Activity is directed by a senior staff member certified to teach the program and familiar with the camp’s facilities. A staff of college-enrolled and appropriately certified staff members provide beginner through advanced level instruction.

Safety is paramount. All safety equipment is provided. Activity equipment is checked daily. Every participant receives instruction and a thorough review of safety protocols before engaging in the acrivity. It’s SAFE FUN!