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First Time Campers

Get Ready For Your Best Summer!

Welcome To Camp Lohikan

We welcome you to Camp Lohikan and we’re mighty glad you’re here! As Lohikan’s “WELCOME SONG” goes, summer is the time for FUN and making new friends and it all starts to happen the moment you arrive. You’ll feel it as soon as you step into camp on your first day. You’ll meet people who are excited about the summer and genuinely happy you’re here. And they’re here for the same reasons you’re here...


First Time Campers

First-time campers are special. For many, it's their first time away from mom and dad. Most of these children readily adjust to camp life. Others require some help and special attention. All of us at Camp Lohikan are dedicated to making sure each camper is well cared for and that camp is a positive growth experience filled with FUN and fond memories.

First Time Campers

Special Attention

First-time campers receive special attention at Camp Lohikan. As soon as the camper arrives in camp the child is under the care and attention of an adult member of our senior staff. These individuals are child care specialists who work directly with our campers. They monitor the camper’s well being on a daily basis and report the camper’s progress to the parents as requested. There is one division director assigned to every 4 or 5 cabins. The division director is a camp professional, typically a parent, and usually a teacher during the off season.

First Time Campers

Cabin Counselors

In addition to the daily supervision provided by the division director, there are two to four counselors assigned to each cabin of campers. Cabin counselors for our young campers (5th grade and younger) supervise the campers as a cabin group throughout the day. Cabin counselors for our inter and senior campers (6th grade and older) supervise the campers when they are not engaged in elective program activities.

First Time Campers

Each cabin is supervised during evening activities and throughout the night by their live-in cabin counselors. All counselors are college-enrolled individuals with a minimum age of 19. The average age of our cabin counselors is greater than 21. Counselor staff members are recruited from universities throughout the United States and Great Britain. Staff members have counseling experience and a demonstrated ability to work with children. Over 50% of our counselors are returning staff members who are familiar with camp operations and our camper population. They are also experienced working with first-time campers.

Hear from our Staff First Time Campers

A Great Camp Spirit

At Camp Lohikan we pride ourselves on the quality of our camp operation. We’re also proud of our campers! Camp Lohikan attracts campers who are looking to make new friends, learn new skills, and have FUN. We’re also a camp known for its friendly personality. Campers are recognized for acts of kindness with the presentation of our weekly “Chief’s Awards”! We have found that first-time campers do best in a friendly camp!

First Time Campers

Tuition Refund Guarantee

First-time camp parents are sometimes concerned about making the tuition investment if there’s a chance that the camper will become homesick, leave camp and, as a consequence, lose the camp tuition.

At Camp Lohikan we are so confident that our summer camp experience will be a positive, memorable experience for the first-time camper that we guarantee it. If, for any reason, a first-time camper decides that camp is not for him or her and returns home, we’ll REFUND THE CAMP TUITION for the days the camper leaves early. Click here for the Refund Guarantee.

First Time Campers

Communication Services

All campers have access to daily email at Camp Lohikan. It's part of the daily program. Campers can also receive emails. We print the emails and deliver the mail to the camper on a daily basis. Parents can also make arrangements to telephone their camper during their stay at camp.

Additional Services

All of us at Camp Lohikan are committed to providing the highest level of service and excellence in the camping profession. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.