At Camp Lohikan we play baseball and softball because we love it! We play recreational games, schedule daily instructional classes and compete in inter-camp games in all age groups! And it's all FUN!

Top-notch instruction is provided by an experienced staff composed of a high school coach and college players. Instructional classes are grouped by gender and ability. Our objective is to increase each camper's playing skills and knowledge of the game and also provide opportunities to experience success and build confidence. But most of all... Our objective is to have FUN!

Lohikan's Baseball and Softball Programs feature:

  • Instruction in the fundamentals and techniques of hitting, throwing, running, fielding, sliding (baseball), bunting
  • Proper baseball and softball techniques are taught through station drills designed to build skill development
  • Opportunities for coached team play
  • Recreational games for fun
  • Participation in intra and inter-camp games
  • Camp baseball and softball teams
  • Sportsmanship and Teamwork
  • How we play is always more important than winning!


  • Camp Lohikan provides campers with an excellent sports camp environment.
  • There are separate well groomed grass playing fields for baseball and softball. In addition, there are practice areas for both sports.
  • A batting cage and pitching machine is used for hitting instruction.

Have FUN! Play baseball & softball at Camp Lohikan this summer!