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Beginner through advanced players receive professional instruction in lacrosse and play recreational games every day! We also participate in a very active inter-camp games schedule throughout the summer. Campers are evaluated and placed in appropriate age and skill level groups. The instructional program is comprehensive and gender specific. Separate programs are operated for boys and girls.


Beginner classes focus upon fundamental skill development and all the mechanics of offense and defense. Fun, non-contact activities, drills, and games are designed to develop the camper's skills in throwing, catching, shooting, cradling, defense, defensive footwork, safe and smart checking, dodging and picking up ground balls. Team skill practices and scrimmages are played every day. Our 8 to 1 camper/instructor ratio allows us to provide personalized attention to each camper which ensures the camper's skill development and enjoyment of the game.


Our Intermediate and Advanced Lacrosse Program takes our players' skills to the next level with individual coaching and drills in shooting, dodging, stick skills, defense and team strategy. Our goal is to increase the camper's understanding of the game and the skill and speed at which he/she plays. Interested campers get to play on the camp's travel team and participate in exciting competitive inter-camp games. These games are intense!


Top notch instruction is provided by a professional coach and a staff of college level players. Instructors are selected for their knowledge of the game, their passion for lacrosse and their experience teaching children. Team work and sportsmanship are emphasized on a daily basis. Positive recognition, encouragement, and awards are utilized to motivate skill development from beginner to advanced levels. Our objective is to take each player's skills and knowledge of the game to the next level by providing opportunities for success and building the camper's confidence. Most of all, our objective is to have FUN!


Campers are welcome to bring their own lacrosse equipment to camp, however Camp Lohikan has all of the equipment available to supply campers who want to participate, i.e. gloves, lacrosse stick, helmet, mouth guard.


  • First rate facilities: multiple, well groomed grass playing fields and practice areas for lacrosse
  • Two gymnasiums are available for indoor practice play in inclement weather
  • Comprehensive instruction in techniques, related skills and positional play
  • Offensive and defensive strategies, skills and techniques
  • Gender specific instructional program
  • Opportunities for coached team play
  • Recreational games for fun
  • Coached small games and match games (intra-camp games)
  • Traveling Lacrosse Team (competitive inter-camp games)
  • Sportsmanship and Teamwork Lessons: "How we play is always more important than winning!"
  • In addition to Lacrosse, campers fill their day with a choice of 65+ other arts, sports and adventure activities, all offered on a daily basis!

Have FUN this summer! Play Lacrosse at Camp Lohikan!