Camp Skating Program

Inline Skating and Skateboarding are the fastest growing sports at Lohikan! They're hot!!! And we've got the grinding rails, sky ramps, half pipes, quarter pipes, wedge ramps, spines, jumps and boxes to make skating the most fun! It's all part of our skating program and our newly constructed "Ray Young Skate Park"!

Whether you're an inexperienced inline skater/skateboarder or a skater with advanced skills, this summer you'll definitely learn more skills and sharpen what skills you already have. Lohikan's instructors are hand-picked for their skating skills and ability to teach these skills. The skate park is open all day long and instructors are scheduled so as to provide the individual attention you'll need to take your skating to the next level. Most skateboarders and inline skaters learn more in a week at camp than they would in months of practice on their own!

Beginners are taught the basics. Inline Skaters practice balance and skating fundamentals and then move on to the tricks. Skateboarders are taught everything from elementary techniques like ollieing to grinds and airs. The atmosphere is stress-free, positive and a lot of fun!

Slide Show: Skate Park Activities

For campers who enjoy the added excitement of public performances, we sponsor X-Game Events every 2 weeks. Skaters and skateboarders have a great time exhibiting their skills in front of a camper audience. The applause is a great motivator!

Skating is X-TREME! Camp Lohikan!

Camp Lohikan's skate and inline skate program is second to none!

Awesome Skate Park Program Flyer click here.