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Awesome Summer Camp Quad Riding Program! ...and now Dirt Bikes too!

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And we ride all day long! We ride on our track. We ride in the woods. We ride yellow Hondas. We ride red Hondas. We ride when it's dry. We ride when it's wet. If you like to ride... THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Quad Riding is an extra program activity at Camp Lohikan. The quad riding fee is $15.00 per period (about 50 minutes). If you're a first-time camper, click here for a coupon that will qualify you for a free quad riding period this summer. Just attach the coupon to your enrollment application and you're all set!

Campers are scheduled quad riding by gender, age and skill level. Participants are evaluated before receiving riding instruction. We evaluate the camper's ability to understand the operation of the quad, ability to steer and brake the quad and the camper's ability to take direction. Campers who qualify for instruction are taught the fundamentals on our 1/4 mile track. Everyone is supervised one-on-one until competency is demonstrated. Safety comes first. ALWAYS.

As a camper's riding skills improve his or her achievements are recognized by way of skill level certifications. Advanced riders qualify for trail rides which stretch 7 miles across remote parts of the camp property. The views are fantastic and the terrain is awesome!

Advanced riders also qualify for quad staff assistantships. Participants in the assistant training program learn how to care for quads, maintenance, troubleshooting, and instructing beginners. Quad overnights are a highlight of the program!

Let's ride!

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