Scuba diving

Scuba Diving is... Educational! Adventurous! And Most of All... FUN!!!

Lohikan's scuba classes are taught by professional scuba instructors from Inland Water Sports throughout the summer. Campers must be entering the 5th grade or older and must pre-register for the clinic by completing the scuba form which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Classes extend approximately 1 hour during which scuba instructors teach the basics of scuba diving in Lohikan's swimming pool. During the class campers will practice the use of scuba equipment and learn how to operate the equipment safely underwater. Skills are taught at the camper's pace and scuba instructors are with the campers at all times.

The beginner scuba class covers the following skills:

  • Use of breathing equipment.
  • Moving in the water with ease.
  • Breathing normally underwater.
  • Controlling buoyancy so you descend, ascend or hover at will.
  • Entering and exiting the water safely

Once the campers are comfortable with their scuba skills, we introduce scuba games like underwater frisbee, torpedo tag and underwater assembling games. The ultimate assembly game is for buddy teams to hook together a barrel of monkeys - underwater! Sound easy? It's not! When the barrel's lid is taken off, the monkeys leap out and race to the water's surface. They float! This is where the buddy comes in. It must all be accomplished underwater!

Scuba diving is more than fun. It's educational too!

  • Campers develop a good sense around the water and increased awareness of water safety.
  • The campers build confidence, self-esteem and pride after developing new skills.
  • Scuba diving is an activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.
  • Parents can do it with their kids. It's cool!
  • 70% of the planet is covered with water and awaiting discovery... Let's Scuba!

Upon successful completion of the scuba clinic campers are awarded Inland Water Sport's colorful scuba clinic certificate which is perfect for displaying at home!