High Five Basketball

Basketball is BIG at Camp Lohikan! Girls, Boys, Beginners, Advanced Players...

Everyone Loves Basketball!

And if you’re looking to improve your skills this summer or just have fun playing the sport of basketball, this is the camp for YOU!

Daily instruction and recreational play is available! Campers participating in the elective program can choose as much time at basketball as they want. Instructional classes in beginner through advanced skill levels are available throughout the day. So is recreational play!

Lohikan’s basketball program is directed by a professional basketball coach and staffed with college-enrolled basketball instructors who have coaching experience and play on the college level.

Campers are grouped into instructional classes based upon skill level and age range. Beginners are introduced to the sport with patience and encouragement by instructors who enjoy working with beginners. Intermediate skill classes focus on practicing and improving basketball fundamentals – shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defense. Campers with advanced skills work on ball handling, conditioning, post moves, court spacing, defensive keys, team offense and defense strategies.

In addition to instructional classes and recreational play periods, we also operate an active intra-camp basketball league. Inter-camp games round out the program. Camp Lohikan participates in the Wayne County Camp Association’s Sports Tournaments and plays games in all age brackets. Over 20 camps participate in the sports tournaments and the games are exciting and competitive. They are also perfect opportunities to practice sportsmanship and teamwork. Participation in the competitive inter-camps games program is optional. In addition, everyone who wants to play on a team is guaranteed playing time. No tryouts!

Lohikan's High Five Basketball Clinic

If you’re interested in becoming a better basketball player, then you’ve got to attend Lohikan’s High-5 Basketball Clinic! It's scheduled every two weeks of the summer.

The High-5 Basketball Clinic is a two day clinic devoted to improving your basketball skills fast! Participants spend three to four hours a day practicing the basketball skills of shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defense. One-on-one and small group instruction, specialty drills, and scrimmages are all utilized to promote skill progression. The clinic gets rave reviews every summer. To commemorate the successful completion of the training program every participant receives an awesome High-5 Basketball Clinic T-Shirt!

Click Here for the basketball clinic registration form.

Camp Lohikan’s Basketball Facilities

  • Lohikan’s basketball facilities include 4 regulation basketball courts.
  • Three of the basketball courts are brand new and equipped with lights for night tournament play and evening activities. These courts are also equipped with adjustable goals which are utilized when instructing young campers.
  • One indoor basketball court is located in our sports center and is situated adjacent to the canteen/game room. This convenient location allows campers to play indoor basketball or shoot baskets during the canteen/game room free-time period.