The Pool is Cool!

On HOT days that is! Our swimming pool is HEATED so there's no worry about the water being cold for early morning "Polar Bear Club" swims or evening Pool Parties. The pool is set at perfect swimming temperatures all day long!!!

Lohikan's swimming pool is centrally located on the campsite and is primarily used in our swimming instruction program. All swimming instruction and free swims are scheduled at the pool.

Lohikan's swimming instruction program is operated according to the guidelines established by the American Red Cross and all instructors are ARC certified as WSI's and lifeguards. Campers earn ARC certifications and senior campers can receive training as pool lifeguards.

Swimming instruction describes a large part of the action up at the pool but there are a lot more fun pool activities which make the site very popular with our campers:

  • At the pool you can join the swim team and participate in all of the fun of inter-camp swim rivalries!
  • At the pool you can learn how to scuba dive!
  • Free swims are scheduled daily at the pool. Put on your bathing suit and take a dip with your friends!
  • Pool parties are scheduled throughout the summer. Get ready for the Hawaiian Pool Party, Caribbean Pool Party, California Pool Party and more!
  • Special events in camp are always a lot of fun and special events at the pool are even better. Get ready for this summer's Water Carnival and pool events scheduled during Olympics and Tribal Survival. It's all happening at the pool!
  • The Polar Bear Club, CPR and First-Aid Class and Swimming Lessons are also part of the pool program. There's a lot of fun things happening at the pool!
  • Click here for our Aquatics Program Flyers.
Become an American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard! It's a FREE Program! Click here for details. Mel Nash's SWIM FASTER

SwimFASTER August Clinic

We’re very excited to announce that we have the legendary Coach Mel Nash at Camp Lohikan operating his SwimFASTER Clinic in July (June 29-July 12) and August (Aug. 10-21)!

Coach Mel’s swimming resume displays excellence at every level of the sport. Mel has had swimmers and students compete in 6 out of the last 7 Olympics. As an athlete he was World Champion, USA National Champion, NCAA Champion and he won the Pan-American Games 100 Backstroke as a 16-year-old high school student. Mel was the Head Coach at Texas A&M University for 25 years where he built a Top Ten NCAA team, had 80-plus All-Americans and produced USA National Champions, as well as Pan-American and Goodwill Games Gold Medalists. Most of these athletes were “unknowns” before swimming for Mel. Recognized for his technical expertise and training methods, he has transformed swimmers’ strokes for his entire career. Mel currently has students who fly in from around the world to work with him including swimmers from New Zealand, Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, and Venezuela and all over the United States.

Coach Mel’s clinic is not for beginners. Lohikan’s ARC swim instruction program and our staff of WSI instructors operate an excellent "learn to swim" American Red Cross Program.

The SwimFaster Clinic is for kids on swim teams or kids who know how to swim and want to be on a swim team. Click here for more details.