Let's get ready to WATER SKI!

Water Skiing and Wake Boarding are great summer camp sports and two of the most popular activities at Lohikan’s Waterfront!

At Camp Lohikan, campers sign up for water skiing and wake boarding for as much time as they want. You can do it everyday! In fact every activity we offer is guaranteed to be available to the camper for at least 15 periods a week. That works out to be 2+ periods a day! So get ready to water ski and wake board this summer!!

Water ski and wake board specialists instruct campers from beginner to advanced skill levels. We use a water ski carousel to teach water skiing and wake boarding fundamentals and the more advanced skills required to slalom and perform wakeboard tricks. Advanced Level III skiers and wake boarders are taken out on jet skis to practice their skills on Lake Lohikan, our own private lake.

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