Learn all about Sailing and Windsurfing at Summer Camp!

Learn how to set a course, hoist the sail, tack and jib and run with the wind!

Camp Lohikan’s sailing program offers beginner through advanced levels of sailing. Campers are instructed in basic seamanship (rigging/derigging, knot tying), sailing maneuvers (tacking and jibing), boat handling (steering, sail trim, capsize, recovery), course sailing and safety.

We use sunfish, lasers and hunter class sailboats to instruct. Once campers have demonstrated their competence in the fundamentals, campers practice their skills in pairs utilizing the sunfish boats. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn to sail so our emphasis is on learning by DOING. …Always under the supervision of our staff.

Lohikan’s windsurfing program is taught utilizing the latest wide-body boards. Campers who pass the first sailing skill level qualify for windsurfing instruction.

Camp Lohikan’s sailing and windsurfing programs are lead by trained instructors who are lifeguard certified. Once out on the lake campers are supervised and assisted by instructors and lifeguards posted in patrol boats that cruise the lake.

It’s a FUN program and a great way to learn a lifelong skill. Let’s SAIL & WINDSURF this summer!

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