Lake Activities

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If water activities are what you like then you’ve come to the right place! The lake is one of our campers’ favorite activity sites… And there’s no wonder why. At the lake you can:

50+ BOATS!

Lohikan's 40 acre lake is private and reserved for the EXCLUSIVE use of our campers.

Our beach is white sand and we've got a fleet of more than 50 boats! We instruct and certify campers in Sailing, Windsurfing, Waterskiing, Snorkeling, Canoeing, Boating and even Jet Skiing!

Campers also enjoy Banana Boating, Paddleboats, Kayaks, Tubes, Boogie Boards, Fishing and Canoe Trips! It's no wonder the lake is one of the most popular activity sites at Camp Lohikan!


Safety is paramount at Camp Lohikan so all campers and staff are required to wear life vests and all our waterfront activities are supervised by our highly skilled and trained staff members. Our instructors are certified by the American Red Cross and certified lifeguards are on-duty and stationed on our beach, docks and patrolling the lake in boats.


One of the most popular activities down at the waterfront is our water skiing program. "If you can swim, you can ski!" and we prove it every summer. Our waterskiing program includes instruction and certification in Skiing, Slaloming, Kneeboarding, Skurfing and even Trick-Skis... The kids love it!


The Waterfront program would not be complete without Jet Skiing! Jet Skis bring a level of excitement to the waterfront that's hard to beat! And as long as you pass your swim test... You can do it!